Company3 Virtual Color

DRIVE THRU provides real-time Virtual Color Grading services to give our clients direct access to the most experienced, award-wining colorists.

As a proud partner with Company 3, DRIVE THRU serves as a Virtual Service Outpost providing real-time color grading. This innovative Virtual Color Grading service allows our clients to supervise grading sessions live from our Minneapolis location.

Interaction during these session is seamless and identical to traditional sessions where the colorist and client are in the same room. You choose a colorist and work together virtually form our office.

Company 3 provides high-end post production, color grading and location services for feature films, commercials, music videos and television. CO3 is home to one of the largest and talented pools of colorists and visual effects artist in the world. Our clients benefit from CO3’s incredible infrastructure and top-level production.

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