Drive Thru | Cutters Tops 11th AICE Awards With Three Wins, Followed By Seven Shops With Two Honors Apiece
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Cutters Tops 11th AICE Awards With Three Wins, Followed By Seven Shops With Two Honors Apiece

11 May Cutters Tops 11th AICE Awards With Three Wins, Followed By Seven Shops With Two Honors Apiece

Article from May 11th, 2012

Five Editors–Steve Gandolfi, Chris Hafner, Luis Moreno, Marc Stone, Mick Uzendoski–Tie For Number One Slot With Two Wins EachLOS ANGELES, May 11, 2012, A SHOOT Staff Report — Steve Gandolfi of Cut+Run, Chris Hafner of Cutters, Luis Moreno of Jump, Marc Stone of 3008 and Mick Uzendoski of Drive Thru Editorial led the field of editors with two wins each at the 11th AICE Awards. A gala awards ceremony was held last night (5/10) at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, Calif.

Heineken Light's "Handlebar Moustache"

Gandolfi topped the Comedy and Storytelling categories for Heineken Light’s “Handlebar Moustache” and Audi of North America’s “Ahab,” respectively.
Hafner’s cutting of Fiat’s “Karl Abarth” spot earned him wins in both the Automotive and Best of Chicago categories.
Moreno earned distinction in the Montage category for Paco Rabanne’s “Black XS” and in Best of New York for Benetton’s “Milk & Honey.”
Stone’s two wins were in Alternative Media for AVG’s “AVG Tigers vs. Toothpicks” and in Best of Dallas for MetroPCS’ “Sync Cities.”
And Uzendoski’s pair of honors came on the strength of work for West Virginia Lottery–Regional Campaign for the spots “Counting Cash,” “Lift” and “Lottery Machine,” with “Lift” also earning the Best of Minneapolis mantle.Company tally
     Cutters led the way with three wins, the two aforementioned ones for editor Hafner, as well as in the Sound Design category for John Binder via Another Country (a sister shop to Cutters) for the Allstate spot titled “Raccoon.” Sound Design was one of the new categories gracing this year’s AICE Awards, along with Audio Mix, and Color Grading.
Seven companies tied for second with two wins apiece–the aforementioned Cut+Run, Jump, 3008, and Drive Thru Editorial were joined by Arcade Edit, Final Cut and Relish.
Arcade scored in the Dialogue and Fashion/Beauty categories, respectively, for AT&T’s “More Responsibilities” edited by Geoff Hounsell, and PacSun’s “Dress Irresponsibly” cut by Kim Bica.
Final Cut won for best Music Video on the strength of Raphael Saadiqu’s “Stone Rollin'” edited by Arianna Tomasettig, and for Best of Los Angeles thanks to Microsoft Xbox’s “Endangered Species” cut by Rick Russell.
And Relish topped the Under $50,000 category on the basis of Young Guns’ “Young Guns” edited by Steve Manz, and Best of Toronto for john st.’s “Catvertising” cut by Chris Murphy.
As for the two other alluded to categories new to this year’s competition, colorist Siggy Ferstl ofCompany 3 topped Color Grading for Chrysler’s “It’s Halftime in America,” and Steve Rosen of Sonic Uniontook Audio Mix honors for Verizon Wireless’ “Supercollider.”
Rounding out the rundown of AICE winners were: editor Jeff Ferruzzo of Outside Edit+Design who won best National Campaign for Dos Equis’ “Italian Country Side,” “Pommel Horse” and “Pygmy”; Optimus Design/Optimus in the Design category for Craftsman’s “Craftsman Screw*D Show Open”; editor Dave Anderson of MacKenzie Cutler in Public Service for Ad Council’s “Funny Fails”; Chuck Willis ofCutting Room for Lowe’s “Don’t Stop” which topped the Visual Effects category; Thomas Ostuni ofHooligan who earned top Spec Spot honors for Americans Elect’s “I Am Not You”; Michael Reuter ofEditBar won Best of Boston for Timberland’s “Chainlink”; Erich Wiemer of Start Editorial earned Best of Detroit distinction for Owens Corning’s “Easy”; and Doug Cox of Barbary Post took Best of San Francisco for Old Navy’s “SuparTool.”

Hall of Fame
Editor Steve McCoy, a past national AICE president as well as former president of the Los Angeles chapter–and a partner in the venerable FilmCore–was inducted into the AICE Hall of Fame. (More on McCoy in next week’s issue of SHOOT.)

Here’s a category-by-category breakdown of 2012 AICE Award winners:

Alternative Media
Marc Stone, 3008
“AVG Tigers vs. Toothpicks” 3:07

Audio Mix
Steve Rosen, Sonic Union
Verizon Wireless
“Supercollider” :60

Chris Hafner, Cutters
“Karl Abarth” :45

Color Grading
Siggy Ferstl, Company 3
“It’s Halftime in America” 2:00

Steve Gandolfi, Cut + Run
Heineken Light
“Handlebar Moustache” :60

Optimus Design, Optimus
“Craftsman Screw*D Show Open” :35

Geoff Hounsell, Arcade Edit
“More Responsibilities” :30

Kim Bica, Arcade Edit
“Dress Irresponsibly” :60

Music Video
Arianna Tomasettig, Final Cut
Raphael Saadiq
“Stone Rollin'” 3:30

Luis Moreno, jumP NY
Paco Rabanne
“Black XS” 1:30

National Campaign
Jeff Ferruzzo, Outside Edit + Design
Dos XX
“Italian Country Side” :30
“Pommel Horse” :30
“Pygmy” :30

Public Service
Dave Anderson, MacKenzie Cutler
Ad Council
“Funny Fails” :30

Regional Campaign
Mick Uzendoski, Drive Thru Editorial 
West Virginia Lottery
“Counting Cash” :30
“Lift” :30
“Lottery Machine” :30

Sound Design
John Binder, Cutters Studios (Another Country)
“Raccoon” :30

Spec Spot
Thomas Ostuni, Holligan
Americans Elect
“I Am Not You” 1:44

Steve Gandolfi, Cut + Run
Audi of North America
“Ahab” :60

Under $50,000
Steve Manz, Relish
Young Guns
“Young Guns” 1:30

Visual Effects
Chuck Willis, Cutting Room
“Don’t Stop”, :60

Best of Boston
Michael Reuter, EditBar
“Chainlink” :30

Best of Chicago
Chris Hafner, Cutters
“Karl Abarth” :45

Best of Dallas
Marc Stone, 3008
“Sync Cities” :60

Best of Detroit
Erich Wiemer, Start Editorial
Owens Corning
“Easy” :30

Best of Los Angeles
Rick Russell, Final Cut
Microsoft XBox
“Endangered Species” 2:18

Best of Minneapolis
Mick Uzendoski, Drive Thru Editorial 
West Virginia Lottery
“Lift” :30

Best of New York
Luis Moreno, jumP NY
“Milk & Honey” :90

Best of San Francisco
Doug Cox, Barbary Post
Old Navy
“SuparTool” :60

Best of Toronto
Chris Murphy, Relish
john st.
“Catvertising” 2:27


Article from May 11th, 2012: