Afshin Shahidi has been working as a Cinematographer and Filmmaker for over ten years. He found his passion for cinema growing up in Iran, sneaking into movies. This foundation gave him the desire to be a storyteller and ultimately paved the path to his career in film. Through out his career Afshin has looked for new challenges and experiences, traveling all over the world. He has been to Cambodia, Haiti, Morocco, and Japan on a variety of projects ranging from music videos and documentaries to feature films. Afshin currently works as a Cinematographer and Photographer and has been the musical artist Prince’s personal photographer for the past four years. A few thing about Afshin you may have not guessed; he found first camera in an alley, he once landed a plane, he has a wife and three kids, he can probably beat you in an oyster eating contest, and he loves what he does (and is really good at it!).
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