“I had no interest in editing. I just wanted to rock out.” But when “rocking out” wasn’t working out and you’re in Los Angeles, “if you’re at all creative, you naturally get drawn to film and television”, Matt explains. Luckily, Matt had passion and some innate talent waiting to be tapped. Mentored by heavy weight Hip-Hop editor Michael D. Schultz he was soon busy cutting music videos for awesome hair metal bands such as Trixter and Collision and working on quality television shows, like Power Rangers. Eventually moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Matt continued to polish and gain new skills assisting at NYC shops; Lost Planet, Blue Rock, MacKenzie Cutler, Red Car, Spot Welders, and many, many more that no longer exist. Joining Adam Liebowitz at Go Robot! NY, he was swiftly promoted to editor, working on national campaigns for IBM, American Express, Snickers and Fidelity before being persuaded to move back to Los Angeles. There, he signed on with Bill Marmor at REX Editorial and then with Andre Betz at Bug Edit L.A./N.Y., contributing his quick editing skills and creative on spots for Dunkin Donuts, Footjoy, Carl’s Jr., Chevy and Titleist. Matt adds, “I’m really lucky to have collaborated with so many leading directors, creative talent, production companies, and agencies.” Matt’s background in recording from Berklee College of Music and his love of photography drives the artistic style, timing, and feel of his work. He’s “obsessed with finding the perfect combination of light, movement, rhythm and visual composition to take projects to their highest potential.” Comfortable with everything from jump cut to match cut styles, motion graphics and visual effects, Matt’s creative abilities really shine with his storytelling and comedic timing. Some of Matt’s past work includes Target, Best Buy, Verizon, UPS, Miller Lite, Bell Atlantic, and Ad Council.
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